Talk about a LONG OVERDUE session! Phew… Travis & Stephanie have been so kind and patient waiting on these photos.  I usually try to stick with a time frame for photos to be finished…but I was WAY off course on this estimate.  Sorry you two!

Enough with the excuses & appologies…let’s get on with the photos!

This session had all my favorite things…a couple that is cute, loving & can work a camera…fields of corn…& old buildings.

Get ready…this next one is favorite #1.  Maybe because this old tandem bike we Travis pulled out of the barn might be my favorite prop of all time.

Moving on to a new location….beautiful old brick buildings covered in vines….and apparently mosquitos (Stephanie & Travis were covered in bug bites after this…sorry you guys!) They looked good though…

And I saved Favorite #2 for last…

Thanks for putting up with my computer drama…the bug bites…& my strange requests to use old stuff out of the barn.  You two are the best!  I can not wait for your wedding…Congratulations again!