It’s been a year…unbelievable.  It’s mostly unbelievable that I’ve stuck with something with regularity (mostly) for a whole year.  That says something.  I think it’s great to have a place to document things happening in life both big and small.  I also love to have a creative-log of the things I’m doing.  It helps me remember where I’ve been and where I’m heading.  It’s not only fun but also a great learning experience to see how my photography has evolved over time.  The styles I stick with…the styles I discard quickly.  The way other artists influence me…the way my surroundings influence me.  The techniques and skills I’m working on and becoming much better at…the techniques and skills I still have lots to learn about. Having a living document of those things has both been a fun reminder of the past year…but has also been a therapeutic way to put what I love into the world. 

Many things have changed in the past year…what I do, where I live…but one thing has truly remained consistent.  I still love to hear my camera shutter *click*.  To see the moment captured through my lens, to feel the rush of excitement knowing you’ve captured that perfect moment … the perfect light.   My love for those things has not changed.

Now let’s take a quick look back shall we?