On my last birthday I decided to put together a list of things I wanted to do before my next birthday. I’ve managed to complete a few tasks on my 25 by 25 list. Although I didn’t mean not to bring it up again for 4 months (that’s 1/3 of the way through my 1 year time line!) Yikes…that went fast! But I was busy actually doing thing! I’ll try to do better. Promise! I’ve added a tab to the top of my page…just so I would remember to keep it updated.  I need to be held accountable people!

Ok back to the list…Here are my completed tasks thus far!

#3  – Cook Fish

I’ve actually cooked fish several times.  Tilapia to be exact…..annnnnd I actually like it.  Go figure!

I snapped a very quick picture (which got lost in the great computer debacle of 2010) of my honey nut crusted tilapia with chipotle cream sauce.  Plus I made this without any recipe.  That means I’m making progress on #5 too!  Bonus!

#7 – Visit Nashville

Check & mark! Also we had such a great time that I plan to add this to every year’s “things to do” list.

#17 Visit a winery & #12 – Go to a wine tasting

Thanks to our visit & wine tasting at Arrington Vineyards, I have a new-found love…raspberry dessert wine!  Mmmmm…I think I’ll have a little glass tonight!

#18 – Learn to how to decorate a cake

I’ve officially graduated from 3 cake decorating classes.  I’m not sure that I’m still really great at this cake making thing…and I should probably hit the gym after 3 months of cake & icing every week…but I think I can officially cross this one off the list!

#21 – Reupholster my grandma’s side chairs

Ok – So these pictures are of 1 of the chairs….I still need to reupholster the 2nd.  But honestly that first one was such a pain-in-the-rear…I’m going to go ahead and procrastinate on the second one.  I also have a few more stitches to finish up on the back of the 1st chair.  But I’m calling it done!  Plus I’m kind of  a big fan of the new fabric…less dust, must, and less scratchy!  I adore these chairs! They are sentimental, classically shaped, and way comfortable.  My Grandma did a good job picking these babies out!

#23 – Visit local art festival

Well I actually could cross this off 3 times.  Within 3 weeks I went to 3 different art fairs…in 2 states.  I also took 0 pictures.  Who has time for photos…I needed to shop! I did buy a few things…but mostly prints so I just don’t feel right crossing #15 (buy an original piece of art) off the list just yet.  Or maybe that’s just an excuse to keep buying art!