Having a weekend which did not involve a visit to the airport resulted in lots of quality photoshopping time.  Which is good considering I had lots of photoshopping to do!  Butgood great news I actually finished all my pending sessions! Wooo!  I hate being that far behind…it just makes me feel guilty which makes me feel uninspired…which makes me feel more guilty.  What a silly string of emotions!

Anyway…this was one of my favorite  photo sessions to date.  Maybe because it involves my favorite people

Let me tell you why I love these kids…

Miss M…oh Miss M where do I start.  Well we can start with the obvious…those eyes!  Oh those eyes are going to break hearts some day!

Miss M, you are the most loveable, sweet baby girl I have ever laid eyes on. You make us all work hard for those sweet smiles & giggles…but when you do reward us with one…hearts melt! You are so content and loving!  You’re such a snuggler!  I see the love in your eyes towards your big brother (he can make you laugh much quicker than the rest of us).  I can’t wait to see what a wonderful girl you are growing to be. 

My handsome Landon you stole my heart 3 & 1/3 years ago in that hospital room the first time I held you. Watching you grow into the little man you are today has been wonderful!

You are a sweet boy.  Kind and gentle, loving and sweet.  You are active & coordinated like no child I’ve ever met.  You are silly, funny and quick to smile & laugh!  Such a handsome little guy too.  You are a great big brother…always loving on your sister with sweet kisses and silly faces to make her laugh.  You’ve got such a good heart in that little body…I hope you never lose that!