Yesterday I spent half the day at a photography workshop…wait, let me clarify…a fabulous photography workshop.  Anyone in the Birmingham or Atlanta area who has a DSLR and no clue how to use it should consider enrolling in the Click Workshop series. 

Saturday I took the introduction course.  While I already had a good solid background of how my camera works & have been shooting fully manual for the past 1&1/2 years, I wanted to start with the introduction course to make sure there weren’t any big gaps in my knowledge.  Plus, I honestly believe you can always learn something from other people.  *And they aren’t offering the advanced course in Birmingham until March and I just couldn’t wait that long!

The class was wonderful! I learned a few new tricks that I didn’t know previously.  I learned to read my histogram and about a few new playback modes.  I learned more about how to adjust & spot meter.  I also got to practice on a couple very, very cute little models.  (Sorry I can’t show the photos though since I don’t have a model released!)  The instructors Lori & Jody  (both ah-mazing photographers) were very sweet, easy to follow, and encouraging.  They really made the class fun and interactive!

Most importantly though this class helped re-start my creative energy &  my excitement about photography.  Sometimes it’s good just to see things from a different perspective. 

Sorry about the lack of photos in the past few posts ( I really hate posts without photos)!  I’m working on a 25 by 25 list update from my recent trip to Chicago….coming soon (including photos)!