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I had a wonderful, lovely, perfect Christmas at home with the family.  I’ll post Christmas photos a little later on, but my flight was a little delayed last night, so I’m still a little tired and have yet to unpack.  Instead here’s a series of TtV photos I took last week.  I was feeling a little winter-time slump, so I bought some fun, colorful fresh flowers and used the early morning light to shoot these.  I also used my brand spanking-new TtV contraption (which works perfectly!) … I’ll share a picture of it later on too.

I know I’m a little early…but I plan to celebrate the rest of Christmas with family and not my computer…so I wanted to pass on wishes for a safe, happy, love-filled Christmas to everyone out there!  Oh and may Santa bring you everything you asked for (whether you were naughty or nice this year).

I thought I’d share a few photos I took this week … and I think we can always use more twinkle, sparkle and light in life!

Oh Chicago… I loooooove Chicago. It’s such a fun, beautiful city!  Growing up near Chicago meant a few things…I was raised with a fine appreciation for pizza, snow, and the Cubs!  Ok so I still love pizza & the Cubs…but I can’t say the same for the snow!

Growing up within driving distance of the city also means that I was spoiled with fun weekend day trips.  I remember my mom waking me up early on Saturday mornings telling me to get dressed to go to Chicago for the museums, baseball games or musicals.  I remember my Dad pointing out the “babysitter building” on our drive in.  (I also remember the cursing in traffic…don’t blame you Dad…it’s horrible!)    We’d go see the lights and the Marshall Field’s Christmas tree in December or we’d go hang out at Navy Pier during the warmer summer months.  I, like all children who have visited Chicago and the Daley Plaza, spent time sliding down the Picasso statue.  For real…we use it as a slide…I am not joking ether.  Oh how the city appreciates fine art 🙂

Thank you Wikipedia for this photo – I wanted one that showed all the kids sliding down the statue – and another to show you all the crazy hats Chicago puts on our statue to celebrate various sporting events (yes…I’m serious)…but I have no photos…you can google it though…it really happens…Chicago is just that great! 


 And although it’s truly hard to pick a favorite spot in the city…one of the front-runners for this honor is the Art Institute of Chicago.

When I first went there I thought they had some pretty pictures…once I learned more about art I learned to appreciate some of my all-time favorite artists in that museum.  I discovered Monet, van Gogh, Warhol, Pollock, Picasso, Close and many others in those halls.  After moving away from Chicago and spending time in various other art museums I’ve come to appreciate that the Art Institute is one of America’s greatest art museums…something I didn’t have a good perspective of before. 

I was in Chicago last month…well more accurately I flew into Chicago last month on my way home to my parents house.  But after being picked up at the airport we took a little time to enjoy the city before making the drive back to my hometown. I was also able to check #13 off my 25 by 25 list – visiting the Chicago Art Institute!

The museum was just as fantastic as I remembered.  I spent plenty of time gawking at the more famous pieces and also discovering some new things….it was just as good as I remembered too!

I also got to see the Babysitter building…I took lots of pictures for my Dad (please tell me that you guys know what I’m talking about when I mention the babysitter building!)

Thanks Chicago – you were great as always!  And don’t worry –  I’ll be back soon – like this week…because I’m a slacker and it took me 4 weeks to post this!

I’ve been meaning to post about my recent trip to Chicago…I took lots of great photos & had an all around lovely time…but Chicago is covered in a snowy mess right now…

Sooo I’m going to tell you about my recent trip to California instead…can you blame me?  Last week I spent 4 days in California for work…Ha! I love when I have to work in places that are sunny and wonderful!  There was bea-u-tiful weather, sunny skies, and delayed luggage. (Yup I came back to an uncharacteristically cold Birmingham with no luggage to speak of…Boo!)

Luckily my luggage made it safely to the airport a few days later, as did this guy!

I made him sit still for a few photos…which I’m sure he’d be more than thrilled I’m sharing with you!

I’ll be back to posting about cold, snowy Chicago very soon, but I just needed a little detour to warm things up first!