I’ve been meaning to post about my recent trip to Chicago…I took lots of great photos & had an all around lovely time…but Chicago is covered in a snowy mess right now…

Sooo I’m going to tell you about my recent trip to California instead…can you blame me?  Last week I spent 4 days in California for work…Ha! I love when I have to work in places that are sunny and wonderful!  There was bea-u-tiful weather, sunny skies, and delayed luggage. (Yup I came back to an uncharacteristically cold Birmingham with no luggage to speak of…Boo!)

Luckily my luggage made it safely to the airport a few days later, as did this guy!

I made him sit still for a few photos…which I’m sure he’d be more than thrilled I’m sharing with you!

I’ll be back to posting about cold, snowy Chicago very soon, but I just needed a little detour to warm things up first!