I’m ready to finally welcome 2011 officially.  Yup – I know it really started 10 days ago. And even though I’m really behind on posting, I have been thinking a lot about the upcoming year.  Every new year I roll my eyes at the resolution making craze…everyone wants to lose weight and suddenly become organized and while I’m not one to make “resolutions” exactly, I do like to make goals and lists for the upcoming year.  What kinds of things do I want to accomplish? What kinds of dreams and to-dos with 2011 be filled with?  As I was trying to think about all these things I stumbled on to blogger Ali Edwards’ post One Little Word. I decided selecting a single word as a “theme” for the year seemed like a great idea.  A way to focus my attention and goals on one central idea instead of jumping back and forth and losing site of the larger goal.  A way to stay prioritized.  I started to think about what word was going to be my word for 2011.

And despite tossing around 1/2 a million different options, one word kept coming up over and over again….dream

I think 2011 will be filled with big dreams…and going for them! Dream it – Do it!

P.S. I’ve got big plans…big dreams…for 2011. Plans for life, for photography, plans for this little space.  I’m planning to share and post more regularly (that’s the plan at least) including my favorite DIY projects, photo how-tos, and more!