What a cliff hanger I left you with yesterday right?  I know, that was terrible of me.  It was kind of like putting Christmas gifts under the tree loooong before Christmas.  You have to look at the box for weeks without knowing what’s inside. What torture!

Well, I’ll break the suspense.  Thanks to my amazing shopping trip last weekend I was able to check #15 off my 25 by 25 list –  buy an original piece of art.  I found this lovely piece at the Kentuck Gallery. (Side Note:  The whole Kentuck organization is wonderful.  They put on a great art festival each year, hosts workshops, and have a gallery and retail storefront.)  Sigh – it was filled with lots of things that really wanted to come home with me.  But I restrained myself to just one thing and I picked one of my favorite pieces in the gallery.

Let me tell you – it’s so lovely

and the perfect teal color

and dainty

yet it has such a bold pattern

I luuuuuurve it!  This pretty handmade bowl was created by a Birmingham artist, Susan Brown Freeman.  Can we just take note of how beautiful her signature even is?!


It proudly will sit on my nightstand and hold my jewelry.  We all need a place to drop our jewelry at the end of the day right?  Well why not make it pretty!

P.S. On an exciting new blog note…I’m putting the finishing touches on my very first DIY post.  It’s a little something for Valentine’s Day.  It’s super easy but very cute and its even eco-friendly! So gather up your plastic bags, scissors and string!