I recently was reminded (yet again) how much I love Flickr.  Several months ago I ran across an interesting photo project involving weekly photos and a box of crayons.

Now let me just pause for just a minute to explain my love of crayons.  As a kid I loved getting a new box of crayons each school year.  They were perfectly sharp and organized.  They smelled great too! Even when we were supposed to move on to colored pencils and markers…I still preferred crayons.  In fact during college when times got stressful, my roommate and I would break out our big boxes of crayons and color.  It was a great way to relieve stress!

The flickr group I recently discovered, 64-colors, is a photo-per-week group that is based on a 64-count box of crayons (and a great excuse for me to go buy a new box!).  Each week the moderators select one color from the box and the scavenger hunt to find that color begins. I’ve been playing for 5 weeks. (so far I haven’t even missed a week…keep me accountable friends…keep me accountable!)  I’m planning to post my 64-color photos here as well as in the flickr group.  Here are my first 5 weeks.