About this same time every year I start to get anxious for warm summer months.  I’m a tad impatient (haha! Can you hear the sarcasm?). I just can’t wait to see the garden start blooming, put on my flip-flops and have friends over for a BBQ!  This year is probably worse than normal.  Instead of feeling anxious because all I see is snow, ice and cold*, I’m anxious to be home again, although the beautiful 70 degree weather this weekend + a visit from my boy sure did make this weekend a nice one!

These coneflower photos were from my garden late last summer and they are a nice reminder of warmer days!

These photos (+ many more plane rides home) will just have to hold me over for 5 more months

* I realize this post might be especially cruel in timing as my friends and family in the midwest are struggling with the snowstorm of a century and I’m in warm Alabama…but I feel their pain.  Really! And I really am wishing it were warm and summery outside!