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Alright Crayola…I think I have to disagree on your color name this time.  This week’s color for the 64-color group was tan.  And I must say that crayola “tan” is not really tan, at least not in my mind.  When I hear the word tan I think of a dark khaki color…but a trip to the crayon box showed me that really this is more of a reddish-brown.  But a day spent at the river front gave me the perfect photo for this week’s color.  Turns out that southern clay = crayola tan.

New Year’s resolutions never last very long. Which is usually why I don’t make any. But this year I decided I wanted to send more real mail. There are far too many bills, catalogs, and other junk that end up in our mailboxes. In fact, it really makes me sad that people don’t write real letters much anymore. Emails are great and all..but there is just something special and heartfelt about a handwritten note…so far I’ve done well with my “write more real mail” resolution. It’s easy to keep a resolution when it’s fun to do I guess!  Keep checking your mailboxes friends!

Some weeks just feel longer then others. For some reason short weeks feel the longest. What’s the deal with that anyways?  Well on those super long, never-ending, crazy busy weeks you got to do something to keep going.  Some weeks little reminders stuck to my bathroom mirror help me keep going

But sometimes I need more than that.  A fresh bunch of flowers for a mid-week pick-me-up always works.  It instantly makes me smile.  This week I brought home purple mums.  They last forever so these will probably help as a pick-me-up for next week too.

This weekend the weather was lovely.  Lovely enough to dig my flip-flops out of the closet, grab my sunglasses and make my way down to the river front.

Please ignore my bruised toenail. It’s left over from a dance floor injury/broken toe. 

I found a spot where I could walk all the way down to the water edge and put my toes in the water…it was COLD!  But still nice that I was able to be outside in shorts and flip-flops!  Slightly overcast skies meant it was perfect for photos too!

Too bad it’s bound to get cold again, but at least it was nice for the weekend!

The color of the week this week is purple mountains’ majesty.  For some reason I find the purple shades the hardest to find. Especially at this time of year when nothing is growing or blooming yet.  Of course purple doesn’t just exist in flowers… but I was bad this week and used an archive shot from last spring. I took this photo last year when my hyacinth’s were blooming.  I couldn’t help it though, it was the perfect color!

My week 9 submission to the 64-color group:

I thought salmon was going to be a tough color to find this week. I spent a few days just thinking and thinking trying to remember where I’d seen something salmon-colored recently.  I was sitting at my desk at work writing a few notes when I realized the pencil I was using had the perfect-colored eraser.  You just never know where you’ll find the perfect Crayola color!

This weeks submission for the 64-color group:

I love to make cupcakes. Probably because I feel less guilty eating a dozen cupcakes than I do eating a whole cake.  Ok…so I don’t really eat a dozen cupcakes. But I do like that they are easier to eat, easier to decorate and that my coworkers take care of eating all my extras!

But I do still like to decorate them. Afterall…I’m now an expert decorator after my cake decorating classes (sarcasm).  I made a batch of lemon cupcakes last week and decided to decorate them for Valentine’s Day with cupcake picks. You can buy cupcake picks for any occasion, but they are pretty expensive! So I decided to make my own. This was so easy, cheap and can be customized for any and all occasions! Win-Win-Win!

To customize these, you could print out images, words, or even photos and follow the same basic steps below to make picks for anything you might need. Just think, holidays, parties, birthdays and everything in between!  And I bet you have most of these supplies on hand!

You’ll Need:

– Paper (I used red construction paper I had on hand and white computer paper)

– Hole punch (Mine is about 1 inches in diameter, but you could trace something round and cut out the circles with scissors too)

– Glue

– Toothpicks

– Marker

– Craft knife


All you have to do is punch out 2 circles and glue them together with the toothpick in the middle. So easy! And much cheaper than buying them!)

To make the heart pick I cut a heart out of one red circle using a craft knife and added an extra white circle behind it so the toothpick wouldn’t show through.  For the letters I just wrote them on the blank white circles before gluing it all together. But you could easily print out the letters if you don’t like your handwriting.

Give them a try next time you have to make cupcakes! They are so easy you’ll wonder why you ever bought cupcake picks to begin with.

I know lots of people don’t really like Valentine’s Day.  They say it’s just a Hallmark holiday…well that might be the case for some but I love Valentine’s Day.  Mostly because I support all things pink, red, and glittery.  I also support lace and sequins.  Yup that means I love Valentine’s Day and Las Vegas (only 2 things I can think of that have all that stuff in common).

Anyway, some of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories are from grade school.  I loved exchanging valentines. Mostly I think because I loved decorating a “mailbox” and spending time picking out the perfect valentine for each of my classmates. Then opening and squealing with delight at each valentine I received. sigh. Why does that stop after grade school?  In keeping with my send more mail resolution, I’m sending out some valentines this year. Some handmade…some that aren’t. Either way there will be plenty of pink & glitter to go around!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I just used scraps of cardstock I had at home, bits of raffia left over from a bridal shower and pieces of red tissue paper from Christmas, I even used one of my recycled paper flowers!  The little odds and ends might not be much but I love how they come together to make fun handmade valentines! Now I’m off to the post office for more stamps!

I ran across a tutorial on the How About Orange blog for recycled paper flowers. (Side Note: How About Orange has THE BEST tutorials & links to other wonderful tutorials!)  I had a few magazines I was getting ready to throw in the trash and thought I’d use them for something much prettier than garbage!

I also had these cute little glass bud vases I bought at Target awhile ago that needed something to go inside…these flowers were perfect. They’ll never wilt, need their water changed, or die on me!  I used a lovely Anthropologie catalog to make these, but I think I’m going to make some out of newspaper next.

Gray…or is it grey? Crayola prints “gray” on the crayon wrapper so that’s what I’m going with, but I’ve always been confused over the proper spelling of this word. Wikipedia tells me “grey” was first established in Britain and is a minor variant in American English although both “gray” and “grey” are of equal antiquity. (Thank you Google + Wikipedia for always having the answers to my questions –  I can hear English teachers & librarians across the country cringing at my choice of reference materials). 

Either way, I found lots of gray this week, but narrowed it down to just one photo.  Here is my week 7 submission to the 64-color group.