I have a DIY project inspired by all the crazy weather this week, a little snow-day project for all of you out there who actually have a snow day!

(P.S. Sorry that you’re also probably stuck in your houses for the rest of February – but as a result you probably have time to make lots of these!)

Now this project involves 2 of my favorite things:

1. kindergarten craft projects

2. Sending mail to people

What can possibly go wrong with that combination! Mostly the second part! People should send more mail I think. Don’t you love getting real mail!?! I decided in 2011 I was going to send out more real mail.  So get ready friends…start checking your mailboxes…mail is on its way (Well maybe not for another week or two as I’m sure the mailmen are not working as efficiently as normal with feet of snow coming down & many mailboxes buried in snow drifts!) 

On to the tutorial…

Step 1: Cut out paper snowflakes

Cut out the snowflakes just like you did in kindergarten! You know the kind where you start with a square of paper and fold it up a whole lot, cut out random shapes and unfold to see your beautiful snowflake?

I followed How About Orange’s tutorial on how to cut 5-pointed snowflakes.  This makes them a bit less bulky and easier to cut, but you can do it however you want…just fold, fold, snip, snip then unfold and …. surprise … a snowflake!

Hint: if you unfold your snowflake and hate it…fold it back up and cut away some more…there are no laws against it! I like when there is very little paper left at the end. It makes for a more delicate flake! But do whatever you want, or let your kids help and do whatever they want!  Afterall they are probably home from school anyway!

After your pretty new flakes are unfolded and you’ve decided you love them.  Take them to your ironing board and using an iron set to low to medium heat with no steam, iron them flat. 

Step 2: Attach the snowflake to a card.  

You can use a premade card or just fold some paper or cardstock in half.  I used this super fancy Martha Stewart folder/scoring board thing to make the card…which I love but it’s probably way unnecessary. Although using the scoring board I can score paper to fold up into envelopes too or even envelopes for dimensional cards! It’s lovely!  Way to go Martha! 

Anyway…back on track…

To attach the snowflake to the card I used my sewing machine and stitched it in place.  I didn’t try to be too perfect, I just sewed around the shape generally…then found the parts that stuck up and stitched those down.


If you don’t want to use a sewing machine…you could always just glue it in place.

Make sure to glue a piece of paper on the inside to cover up all the threads from your stitching.  Then you’re ready to write a special message inside and mail it off with lots of love!

P.S. if you can’t think of anyone to send it to, you could always send it to me! I love mail…just saying!

Happy Snow Days…stay home and stay safe!