I know lots of people don’t really like Valentine’s Day.  They say it’s just a Hallmark holiday…well that might be the case for some but I love Valentine’s Day.  Mostly because I support all things pink, red, and glittery.  I also support lace and sequins.  Yup that means I love Valentine’s Day and Las Vegas (only 2 things I can think of that have all that stuff in common).

Anyway, some of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories are from grade school.  I loved exchanging valentines. Mostly I think because I loved decorating a “mailbox” and spending time picking out the perfect valentine for each of my classmates. Then opening and squealing with delight at each valentine I received. sigh. Why does that stop after grade school?  In keeping with my send more mail resolution, I’m sending out some valentines this year. Some handmade…some that aren’t. Either way there will be plenty of pink & glitter to go around!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I just used scraps of cardstock I had at home, bits of raffia left over from a bridal shower and pieces of red tissue paper from Christmas, I even used one of my recycled paper flowers!  The little odds and ends might not be much but I love how they come together to make fun handmade valentines! Now I’m off to the post office for more stamps!