This whole cake decorating thing has taken on a life of itself. I just feel the need to make cakes/cupcakes all the time.  And believe it or not…I haven’t even eaten any of the last 2 or 3 batches!  It’s all about the thrill of decorating (and ok sneaking a bit of frosting from time to time)  Last weekend I decided to make a cake. I wanted to make a small one and to practice my icing smoothing (which ended up not working out so well). 

I thought since Spring is officially right around the corner that I’d make a Spring themed cake (& cupcakes with the left over batter).  What says Spring better than flowers & butterflies!  I made the chocolate butterflies using the same technique I used  for my Dr. Seuss cupcakes.  I also made my own fondant (!!!) and used it to make flowers.

Here’s the cake:

Smoothing the icing…epic fail (in fact, this may be the worst smoothing I’ve ever done). Delicious chocolate cake…success! The flowers weren’t dry enough when I put them on the cake and they wilted a bit overnight.  You just can’t rush these things. Lesson learned.

The cupcakes were my favorite though.  Aren’t they cute!

Happy Spring everyone!