I have been on more airplanes in the past 9 months then anyone should every have to get on. Ever.

But this extensive flying has made me an expert in certain things.  Like maneuvering airports, vast knowledge of airport codes & flight patterns and the best footwear for security check points. Yup, pretty much an expert.  Let me tell you a few things I’ve figured out…

– All airports should have restrooms where the doors swing out not in. Now sure … I understand this takes up more space, but for the love of all things holy, how is someone traveling alone with a suitcase (small enough to fit in the overhead compartment thankyouverymuch) and a personal item (that fits under the seat in front of me…ahem…I follow rules!) supposed to get all their stuff and themselves into the stall and shut the door without falling into the toilet. Seriously. How am I supposed to do that if the door swings in. Let me tell you it’s not easy. There is some yoga-like poses involved and a whole lot of unlady-like cursing.  Damn airports, worried about space not passengers.  Well knock it off!

– Layovers really suck. Really. Continuing flights suck less. But they still suck. (Knowing that there is a difference between these 2 terms also sucks)  But if you have to layover somewhere…at least layover somewhere that is pretty.  I’ve had 2 flights in the last few months that stopped over in Tampa Bay. I’ve never been there to stay, but now I feel an extreme urge to go there.  Hello…look at this sweet view. It’s beautiful. Well at least through an airplane window it is.

I really hope that starting in July, I never have to use any of this extensive airport knowledge. Ever. Again.