Alright Crayola.  I’m back on board with you this time.  This is what I expected from burnt orange.  Thank goodness we agree because I was starting to question everything I’ve ever learned about colors!

This week I found the burnt orange color on one of my favorite thrift store finds of all time.  I think I may have blogged about this once before…but I’ll do it again just in case you don’t remember the story. A few years ago, I was thrifting in one of my favorite thrifting towns and was in some old converted garage filled with stuff.  I was leaning over a stack of musty quilts quickly scanning rows and rows of shelving tucked in a dark corner when this bottle jumped out at me. I think I actually squealed out loud and jumped up and down. The price tag could have said anything…although it was a steal…I had to have it.  It was from my hometown…and it involved ice cream…are you kidding me?!? 

I called my Dad to find out if he remembered Illinois Valley Ice Cream…and of course he did! He remembers everything and can tell me precisely where everything used to be located, without using any street names – only referring to the location of other now-long-gone businesses. (LOVE that about small towns!)  This bottle is why I love thrifting and antiqueing.  You never know what you’ll find (or when it may come in handy for an obscure photography project) 

Photos from my first photo session of the season coming up soon…. 🙂