As I sit here tonight listening to the thunder and lightning, hearing the threats of tornadoes, and watching my plastic lawn chairs get tossed from my patio to the nearby parking lot, I can’t help but to remember just how lovely it was just yesterday.

The weather was so perfect in fact that I headed down to the river front, I sat in the grass and read. For hours. It was a great way to spend the afternoon…a little sunshine, fresh air, and Janet Evanovich.  Let me just pause here and mention that this series of books is by far my favorite of all time. They are light, easy reads and so, so funny. I’ve read everything Janet Evanovich has ever published. I love it all.  But mostly…I love Stephanie Plum. I might not be from Jersey, but I can relate! So much so that I’m re-reading the whole Stephanie Plum series…just as good the second time around.

Ok…back on topic.

I also took my camera along on my little lazy river-side outing.  I took my lensbaby lens and had fun taking pictures of a patch of tulips planted in the park. I also managed to find this weeks color of the week (but that’s a post for later).

This stormy weather is no fun at all….but I’m glad Mother Nature held out until today and didn’t ruin my nice weekend of doing nothing productive and being lazy with a good book & sunny skies.