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It’s getting closer and closer to my birthday, which means I’m nearing the deadline for my 25 by 25.  This list got a little neglected in the past few months so I thought I’d need a little recap to see how I’ve been doing.           

25 by 25

  1. Cook a brand new recipe once a month  – check and mark!
  2. Visit Memphis – Thought I’d get to Memphis but my weekends are starting to get jam-packed & I’m thinking this will get bumped to next year’s list.
  3. Cook fish – I cook it all the time now! Who knew it was so easy?
  4. Take a trip to the beach – I’ve got a beach trip all planned & ready to go – hoping to check this off the list soon!
  5. Get comfortable cooking without a recipe – Not really so great on this one…I think this will need more work & might need to get bumped to the next list also.
  6. Live more frugally (Hard to measure – I know) – Other than all the plane tickets I’ve bought this year, I’ve really done pretty good!
  7. Visit Nashville  – LOVED it! Want to go back Soon!
  8. Create less food wasteNot perfect but I’ve done better so I’m crossing it off the list.
  9. Take  photos every weekBetween my Project 52 & my 64-color group I’ve been 100% consistent with this for the last 18 weeks…sounds like it’s done to me!  Even though it’s being crossed of the list, I’m going to keep doing this!
  10. Sew something I can am willing to actually wear in public – Working on something now…we’ll see!
  11. Learn to sew from a pattern – Only patterns I’ve used are for purses and pouches and while that technically probably counts I was originally thinking more along the lines of clothing so I’m leaving this as is for now.
  12. Go to a wine tasting – YUM!
  13. Visit the Chicago art museum
  14. Go spelunking….not the real kind…the guided tour of a cave kind – I had forgotten about this one altogether, might not get done before the birthday but it’s planned for this summer!
  15. Buy an original piece of art
  16. Make homemade ice cream – Whoops – Forgot about this one
  17. Visit a winery
  18. Learn to how to decorate a cake – This went way beyond what I expected. I’ve decorated many cakes in the last 2 months (I’ll share more pictures here soon)
  19. Shoot a gun – Coming soon
  20. Make art that I’m willing to actually put on my walls – Painted a few things, but nothing that’s going on the walls yet.
  21. Reupholster my grandma’s side chairs – Pain in the behind…but they are so pretty. Just need to finish up 1 chair.
  22. Redesign, relaunch & advertise my Etsy site – I purposely decided to hold off on this one for a while longer. I need more time to plan, photograph, and think it all through!
  23. Visit local art festival
  24. Wear lipstick
  25. Refinish my old furniture – I have a beautiful old table that needs a little TLC but I think I’ll wait until I’m back home and have a garage to work in\

Pretty good so far…there are a few that I’m going to ditch for the year since my plans have changed directions slightly. There’s a few that I still really would like to do but I know can’t be done in the next 6 weeks.  And a few that I’m still planning to finish up!

This week’s color was spring green. Which truly turns out to be a lot more yellow than green. Normally I would argue this, but once I really started looking at the Crayola 64 box I realized there were only 1 or maybe 2 more yellow-ish colors in the whole box.  Now this seems unfair considering there are 12 red-pink shades.  So I’ll let the spring green (which is really more like yellow) slide.  I found this week’s color in some tennis balls.  Tennis balls in my mind are bright yellow, but in real life they were more on the green side – Who knew? Either way, they were the perfect match to my crayon.

It’s funny, but since I started this 64-color project I’ve noticed that I have the hardest time finding the perfect color for each week…but as soon as I get my next assignment I find tons of the previous week’s color.  This was the case for tickle me pink.  I struggled with this one.  Which is silly because there are certainly no less than 1,000 pink things in my own apartment.  I finally came up with a spool of thread in the right shade.  However, just yesterday I spotted a perfectly “tickle-me-pink” brick building downtown.  I didn’t have my camera with me but I might just have to go back to do an encore photo.