Every once a while I run across a website that makes me think….Duh! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

Recently I have been obsessed with a new website (well it’s not new…but I just recently found it).  And it is AWESOME. Completely. Let me tell you a little about how it works!

Pinterest is a website that lets you collect, bookmark, and organize anything on the internet and then share it with others.

Think of it like virtual bulletin boards.  You can take any image from any website and tack it up  to your bulletin board with a quick line about what it is, why you like it, or what you are planning to do with it.  You can create as many bulletin boards as you want.  I have one for photos that I find inspiring, one for things that make me laugh, one for DIY projects I like, one for recipes I want to try, one for clothes I’d like to buy, one for gardens and flowers I love…and the list goes on. 

A screen shot of my pinterest boards

 The best part….once you tag an image to a board it remembers where you found it.  So anytime you want to go back to the original website for the directions, recipe, designer name, or to purchase something you just click on the picture and it takes you there.  Genius! I’m planning to use it to make virtual shopping lists for Christmas and birthdays. You could also tack up fun activities you want to do with your kids.  Ideas for parties, dream vacation destinations, or the latest book you want to read. You could use it to put up pictures of local places you want to visit or to help plan your wedding!  You can literally pin any image on the internet and it will always retain the source you found it from!

When you click on a pin it enlarges it and then you can click back to where you found it!

Before I found this website I had a word document where I’d save pictures I found inspiring, but then a week/month/year later I couldn’t remember where they came from!  It was frustrating.  And there was no good way to organize my word document.  I was living in the stone ages! Pinterest is the best!

A shot of my “photo love” board

And if that’s not reason enough to join….

You can make your board public so others can find things you liked and so you can see what others are finding all over the internet.  You can search by category or keyword or follow other people’s boards so that you can see what they are adding to their boards.  If you like something you see you can “repin” it to one of your own boards with one easy click!

A shot of my DIY board

I have found lots of great ideas, products, ect from other people’s boards.

Pinterest can be used for so many different things and its a great way to mark things you love and find new things (and waste lots of your time 🙂  The one catch is that you need an “invite” to join since the website is still in its beta testing phase – but existing members can send out as many invites as they want so if this sparks your interest let me know and I”ll send an invite right away.

P.S. Pinterest does not know that I exist (duh! Who does?), I do not get compensated, or a bonus from you joining, I just really, really like it & wanted to share!