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More baby bumps & pretty expectin’ mamas for this blog! Seriously… I must be lucky to know the most beautiful people ever because a few weeks ago I got the chance to photograph another adorable couple expecting their first baby!  Jess & Todd are a whole lot of fun and were so easy to photograph!  They also agreed to an early morning session which we started at her parents farm.  Early morning + Farm = GORGEOUS light!  Just wait and see… 

 It was very hard to narrow down this session to my favorites so brace yourself & in the end I couldn’t even pick one single favorite photo!  We’ll start with the beautiful mama-to-be.  Seriously Jess – you look freakin’ fantastic!

I told you that light was incredible!!

After we finished at the farm we moved on to the Pierron firehouse…you see both Todd & Jess are volunteers on the Highland-Pierron fire department so it only seemed right to take photos of tiny little bunker boots & to climb into the big trucks.

Thank you guys so much for spending your (eaaaarly) Sunday morning with me, taking direction, being good sports & not laughing at me when I had no idea what that “farm building” is really called or what that “fire truck bumper thing??” really is.  I’m just a wanna-be farm girl/fireman. You guys are the best!

Good friends are hard to find…so when they decide to multiply it’s time to celebrate! A month ago I met up with our friends Tom & Kirby to take some maternity photos.  It was a HOT, sweaty night, but Kirby didn’t seem to mind one bit.  Big Brother Gavin was a little less cooperative, but we did get a few shots.  Let’s hope once the baby arrives he’ll enjoy taking photos with her more.  Baby Ava is due to arrive any day now – so on to the adorable baby bump photos.

We asked Gavin to give Ava a kiss and this was his first response…

He did  figure it out though

I luuurve me some sun flare! It’s even better in b&w right? I saved my favorites for last! I couldn’t decide which of the following I liked better, so I decided not to pick. I’ll have 2 favorites today!

Kirby, thanks for letting me drag you out into the ridiculous summer heat & putting up with all my demands requests. You’re family is already beautiful but I can’t wait to watch it grow with little Ava!