Time for a little baby love on the ol’ blog. I’ve had a handful of newborn sessions in the past month starting with Baby K & just realized I haven’t blogged any of the photos – shame on me! Luckily for you, my lack of previous posts means lots of adorable babies to come! Baby A was sweet & sleepy through the whole session….kind of a photographer’s dream. She just let me pose away and barely fussed.  This meant lots of sweet & sleepy photos = jackpot!! Here’s some of my favorites!

This next one might be a front-runner for my most favorite of the session!

Ok or so maybe these next 2 are my favorites

Can you blame me for not being able to make up my mind? She’s so adorable!


Thanks to Kirby & Tom for letting me invade their house and take photos of their brand new, sweet girl for a few hours! She’s perfect in every way & I can’t wait to watch her grow.