Time for another baby to be featured on the blog. You know, looking at newborn babies never gets old for me..hoping that you all agree otherwise you might be bored for a little while as that has been the majority of my shooting lately.  This little guy was not the most cooperative probably thanks to his little cold, poor sweet boy, but despite all that we still got a few great photos from his session…we even managed to get a few of his very handsome big brother.

This next shot is my ABSOLUTE most favorite…maybe like of all time (although I’ve been known to change my mind frequently…I REALLY like this one!)  There is just something about a sleeping baby in black & white!!

That photo should probably be printed REALLY big…juuuuust sayin’ that’s what I would do 🙂

Now…didn’t I tell you big brother was handsome! I also love the next photo…it just reminds me of sweet childhood innocence, plus he’s got incredible eye lashes…he’s gonna be a heartbreaker I think!

Thanks for letting me come hang out with your sweet family for a morning! It was so much fun & I can’t wait to see how these brothers grow up together.  I can tell already they are going to be sweet & VERY fun boys!!