Go big or go home…right? As if getting married & starting a new “real” job aren’t enough life changes for one year…I’m planning on adding lots of big changes to my photography as well.  Although I’ve been in love with photography for years & haven’t ever really slowed down when it comes to learning & practicing new techniques, over the past year I’ve been working REALLY hard to build my portfolio & gain experience (especially in areas that I didn’t have much experience previously).  All of this was in anticipation of the day that I launch my photography business for real.  Well my friends, that day is coming. 

Writing this post reminded me of the “word” I choose for 2012 as a kind of motto & idea to shape the year.  It was “dream” and this really has been an extension of that. The timing was right and for maybe one of the first times in my life I decided to take a deep breath, take the unexpected route and jump without truly knowing what’s below.

It’ll still be awhile yet since I’m gonna go ahead and mark “getting married” off my checklist first 🙂  But after that, watch out for lots of big changes. New name, new business, new website, new blog.  Just wanted you to hear it here first! Not all the details are complete (including pricing and policies) at this point – but if you’re interested in a session of any sort in 2012 please send me and email or message so we can talk more about what to expect/what’s upcoming/and most importantly get you on my calendar. 2012 is already starting to become a BUSY busy year already so please send me an email for more information as soon as possible. 

I’ll be booking a bit of everything for 2012 – babies, families, couples, weddings, you-name-it.   Also I’d love to give out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has read this blog, left comments, and encouraged me to keep going up to this point. I mean it when I say all your encouragement has kept me going in my creative slumps & has been so sweet & more than I could have ever expected! An especially HUGE shout-out to those who have acted as my models in the past few years – you all had so much trust and faith in my abilities before I had it in myself – Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!