It’s time for another fun engagement session!! About a month ago I headed down to the Landing with Danielle and Brandon to take some engagement photos.  Danielle & Brandon were so awesome to work with & as a result, we got some awesome shots.  Such a cute, lovey-dovey couple! I don’t think I have ever literally squealed and jumped up and down as much while shooting as I did during this session. I knew without even reviewing my shots that I GOT IT! They were seriously so so easy to photograph!

We started off by wandering around the Landing. It was the perfect over-cast kind of day but then toward the end of the session the sun peeked out from behind the clouds giving us just a little warm, glowy kind of light. I got so excited about the sun that I quickly ran backwards to get the next shot and almost ran into a car – Opps! I’ll remember to turn around and look where I’m going next time. Although in my defense we weren’t even on a road, we were right next to the river and I don’t think that car belonged there. 

I told you they were super cute! 

But, maybe I did forget to mention that they can rock a serious face as well! I mean c’mon…that “smizing” would make Tyra proud! I think this might be my favorite shot from their session (although it is hard to pick a favorite this time!)

Danielle & Brandon – Congrats again on your engagement! We are so SOOO excited about your Jamaican wedding!!! Thanks for being my models & for wandering around the Landing with me…standing in some not so sweet-smelling corners…and putting up with all my “kiss her again…ok 1 more time…ok I lied…do it again….and again” demands (I know kissing is such hard work). Hope you love your photos as much as I do!