Time for another sweet baby on the blog!! Be prepared for a very sweet & totally handsome little man!  He was super tiny and a dream to work with.  Love an easy-going baby! I also got a chance to use a new vintage suitcase on this shoot and I LOVED it. Hope you do too!

I LOVE baby toes!! Sooo tiny!

And as usual, I saved my favorites for last.  Picking one favorite was too hard – in the next photo, the expression he is giving me cracks me up! But I think I’ll save my most favorite for last!

Gaw! I LOVE a yawning baby. SOOO sweet. I’m also loving the more vintage b+w treatment on this session. It just seemed to fit Wade perfectly!  Wade is such a sweet boy, I can tell already! Can’t wait to watch him grow & see his little personality devlop! Hope you’re not too baby-d out because I have more little ones coming up!