This weekend I got to spend a few hours with one my bestest friends and her hubby…the mission…get winter-y photos.  Now Maggie and I go way back…like WAY back to kindergarten when we decided we hated each other and could never be friends because the other one was “so bossy”.  Our mom’s both knew that we “hated” each other because we were two peas in a pod…both bossy. Well as is often the case…our moms were right! We’ve been friends ever since.  Maggie and I have been through everything together…and she still talks to me, which I’m pretty sure is the only thing you can ever ask for in a friend.  Oh yeah…and her and her husband are HOT…which made my photo mission much easier!

We started out taking photos at a Christmas tree stand just around the corner from their house. I’ve been wanting to shoot at a Christmas tree stand for a long time, but every shoot I’ve had recently has been really cold and rainy.  But we lucked out with a beautiful warm Saturday in December – so to the Christmas tree stand we went!  And it was just as good as I was expecting!! Love it when a plan comes together!

I’m a real big fan of this next one. How fun is that!

I also REALLY love this next one!

Then we changed locations and headed into the city to get some pretty winter-y city shots.

So let’s just say that I had to stand in a planter to get that last shot…you know like one of those big cement planter they have along the street…it was SO worth it!!

Maggie & Zac, I’d say we accomplished our “get some pretty winter photo” mission! Plus I had a blast hanging out with you guys! Thanks for being so super easy to shoot & good-looking! You made it so easy!