Who’s ready for a little Christmas on the blog?!  I am, I am (finally)! This year I thought Christmas was going to be the straw that broke this camel’s back.  I was having a major stress-attack about it all. Which is pretty unusual for me. But then we had a little warm snap.  The weather was beautiful. I got to shed my winter coat for a day or two and go outside to take photos again! Woo! I just don’t feel nearly as inspired when I’m stuck inside thanks to cold Midwestern winter weather…but send me a warm sunny day and a super adorable 18 month old in a perfect little Christmas dress…and I’m pumped!

Mae Rose was so SO sweet. She has such an adorable smile and although she is a little shy and took a bit to warm up to me, she wasn’t at all shy about showing off her cute little grin.  Here’s a few of her best shots from our warmer-then-usual-thank-goodness-for-that session 🙂

I love how her hair is a little wild & her tongue is kind of sticking out in this next one. 

This sweet girl has some great lashes!

The next two make my heart melt a little. They so capture her exactly as she is right now!

The next one is my favorite!  How stinkin’ cute is she!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope your holidays are happy and filled with friends, family and fun! Oh…and also filled with sugar cookies, because Christmas just isn’t the same without sugar cookies.