Last year I joined the bandwagon and picked an “inspirational word” for the year. I picked dream.  And boy, oh boy did that word ever have meaning for me.  I don’t even think at the time I could’ve grasped exactly how big of an impact the word would really have. 2011 was a pretty big year for me. I finished a year-long out-of-state commitment, got engaged, moved back home to the midwest, started planning a wedding, and decided to take a big leap into the world of small businesses. So as 2012 begins, I can’t help to think about what this year will bring…and I’m overwhelmed with the possibilities and with all the amazing new things and experiences that are bound to come with it.  So I decided to pick a new word for 2012.


This word really signifies to me personal growth, growing a marriage (!!!), growing a business…all sorts of happy things.  Bring it on 2012! I’m so ready for you.