Ok…so I’m a little late….and ok so it’s really been 2&1/2 weeks since Christmas.  But I finally got caught up on work things and was able to sit down and sort through my Christmas pictures so I thought I’d share them here so I’m not the only one oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over my super cute niece and nephew.  And I’m also SHOCKED at how they’ve grown.  Looking back at photos from last Christmas blows me away! Look how much bigger they are!

There was lots of gift-opening….

Sister finally figured out how to tear into packages…and she was a present-opening machine after that!

There was also magnadoodle-ing

And remote-controlled car driving

And couting….she loves to count! And is shockingly good at it too!

And there was also Hungry Hungry Hippo-ing (P.S. I’m pretty sure Joel was ruthless and didn’t let Landon win)

Christmas was pretty much perfect. We got to spend lots of time with our families, ate way too much food and at least 2 too many sugar cookies (if that’s really possible).  Hope everyone else had an awesome holiday too!