One thing I LOVE to do each new year is to sit down and sift through all my photos of the previous year. Some years I make them into collages….some years I file them into “Best of 2001, 2006, 2009, etc” computer files.  But this year I decided why don’t I just start sharing them here!  I couldn’t decide if I should include favorites just from photo sessions or favorites that include personal photos…then I decided that was a really stupid thing to worry about…so I’ll share them all.  Here are some of my MOST favorite images from 2011…it was hard to narrow them all down and they certainly are in no particular order.  Buckle your seatbelt and be prepared for an onslaught of exclamation points & a crazy amount of photos!!!!! This post makes me so super happy!

We’ll start with this sweetheart.  I took this photo while I was living in Alabama…which conjures up all sorts of memories. Mmmm BBQ & sunshine & eating pastries on lazy saturday afternoons (outside in the middle  of winter…wearing  a tank top!!!) followed by antique and art shopping…sigh. I really miss that place sometimes! 😦

Joel came to visit me in Alabama a lot and it was always so bittersweet…LOVED seeing him…HATED watching his plane fly away without me.  I missed his big, muddy boots when he was gone!

Sweet Girl turned the Big ONE!

Joel & I got Engaged!!!!

The Hotest Engagement Session of all time….but this couple WORKED it anyway!

More Fun Summer Engagement Sessions. For real – these two are so super cute! I can’t wait for their 2012 Jamaica wedding coming up in just a few months!! Better start getting my tan on so I don’t burn up like a lobster!

This next photo for real makes me super happy! Look at how they can rock a serious face!! LOVE it!

My sweet niece + nephew! Love them to the moon & back!!  Fun summer moments with those cuties!!  Bike Rides + Pushing Strollers…love those moments!

Lots of Baby Love in 2011…LOTS of baby love!! (mamas-to-be, babes, and kiddos …. they are so much fun and I LOVE to work with little ones!)

All those sweet pregnant bellies leads to loads of adorable newborn photos…this was hard to narrow down to top favorites!!

Cute kiddos this year too!

Love LOVE LOVE this sweet special moment caught between father & son.  This just makes my heart melt!

Another super cute engagement session … love how much they laugh together 🙂

Followed by their INCREDIBLE wedding! This was a huge highlight of the year…they were incredible & their wedding was incredible….beautiful venue, beautiful weather & beautiful bride!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!!

Another Ah-MAZE-ing couple!  They could work a camera like no other…and they are so SO in LOVE! And I LOVE that!

Thanksgiving with my favorites….and OH how these piano photos rock my socks!

Hot Couples!! These photos are smoking and I LOVE them! Way to rock sexy in a Christmas tree stand in the Shop n’ Save parking lot!

That last photo made me snap a finger and say WORK!! Love it!

Love the LOVE!

What a 2011 it was!!! I am so excited about all the big things planned for 2012; business-wise, creatively and personally! Holy WOW it’s gonna be one hell of a year! Can’t. Wait.