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In honor of Valentine’s Day (oh what…that was a whole week ago?) ok then… in honor of love.  Yup that sounds better anyways…who can argue with love?  I thought I’d share some things I’ve been loving lately.

This incredible video! I’m sure I’m on the end of seeing this make the internet rounds but MAN! It Makes me wish that I had learned how to play the flute!

Annie Lebovitz’s book: Annie Lebovitz at Work.  I’ve been loving this book all week. Annie Lebovitz tells the back-story behind some of her most famous photographs.  It’s like you’re in her head while she’s shooting.  She explains why she did what she did and how she did it.  She explains how she set up the shot, which lenses she used. I’m obsessed. Such incredible stories & inspiration galore. I’d say it’s a must-read for photographers!

This t-shirt:  How cute is that! I think I need one.

My new business logo – Sorry totally keeping that one under wraps for a tiny bit longer! But I had to add it to the list because I’m totally crushing on it!

This guy

photo by Maggie Medema Photography

Yup … sorry … I totally went there 🙂

Go Big or Go Home…yup…might as well call that my new business model.  Not really. But I’m already so in love with this new business I’m building, I just can’t contain my excitement. I love what it means for me…being creative.  I love what it means I’m going to be able to do…capture beautiful moments in people’s lives.  Pressing the pause button and creating beautiful images that tell their life story.  Oh how I love that more than everything else. Even more than cupcakes…and that’s a whole lot.   

My mind keeps spinning with all the possibilities. So. many. possibilities!

So buckle your seat belts friends. The new site, the new name, the new business will all be launching in the beginning of June.  And it feels like the wait may kill me.  So I thought I’d share it with you so that you can wait right along with me.  There are going to be so many fun things on the other side of that opening date.  I’m planning really fun sessions, styled shoots, totally connected & in-love families, beautiful weddings, sweet babies, sassy ladies and lots of other memories in the making.

Shoot me a message if your interested in getting on my calendar for a fun fresh shoot of your own or if you have questions.  Although the new details won’t be revealed juuuust yet. I am booking all types of sessions including weddings & I’d be happy to sneak you the details before the big public reveal.  Things are already starting to fill up pretty quickly (especially my weekends!) So go ahead and grab your spot now & stay tuned for more details (including some information on special “launch party” mini-sessions) as the launch date gets closer!

Confession: I am a HUGE nerd.

I know that news is most likely not real shocking & that’s perfect…I fly my nerd flag proudly.  Part of being such a huge nerd is that I love to read. I really love it. A lot. I almost always am reading something.  I love other people’s beautiful writing but find words often fail me. Once upon a time, I was actually a pretty ok writer. And then I went to college and followed a scientific path and…it may have ruined my inner author. Ok…maybe not really, and maybe I just wasn’t all that great to begin with. But I find that I often can’t find the right combination of words to say exactly what I’m thinking or feeling and damn is that frustrating!! I can almost taste the beautiful phrases that float around my head…but can’t quite convert that to writing in a style that I actually am comfortable with or one that even says exactly what I want it to. 

My inadequacies in writing makes blogging a frustrating experience. It probably wouldn’t be so bad except that I want to write well…I want to be able to convert my thoughts into the perfect paragraphs…I just can’t. So I’ll keep trying, but until then…the photos will speak for me – along with my slightly strange…not quite what I want…but better than nothing writing style.

So I turned to another medium.  Photography.  That saying, you know the one about a photo being worth a million words. I’m gonna rely on that as true. Although I wish my words really could adequately express how I feel about photos. Because this page…this site would be bursting with beautiful, incredible, tear-jerking prose.  Because that’s how photography makes me feel.

This beautiful sample album arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago…oh how I love a photo album.   Every time I order one it’s like Christmas when I rip that box open. I know what is inside is so much more than just paper. It is memories and heirlooms and everything that I can’t quite express in words.