Confession: I am a HUGE nerd.

I know that news is most likely not real shocking & that’s perfect…I fly my nerd flag proudly.  Part of being such a huge nerd is that I love to read. I really love it. A lot. I almost always am reading something.  I love other people’s beautiful writing but find words often fail me. Once upon a time, I was actually a pretty ok writer. And then I went to college and followed a scientific path and…it may have ruined my inner author. Ok…maybe not really, and maybe I just wasn’t all that great to begin with. But I find that I often can’t find the right combination of words to say exactly what I’m thinking or feeling and damn is that frustrating!! I can almost taste the beautiful phrases that float around my head…but can’t quite convert that to writing in a style that I actually am comfortable with or one that even says exactly what I want it to. 

My inadequacies in writing makes blogging a frustrating experience. It probably wouldn’t be so bad except that I want to write well…I want to be able to convert my thoughts into the perfect paragraphs…I just can’t. So I’ll keep trying, but until then…the photos will speak for me – along with my slightly strange…not quite what I want…but better than nothing writing style.

So I turned to another medium.  Photography.  That saying, you know the one about a photo being worth a million words. I’m gonna rely on that as true. Although I wish my words really could adequately express how I feel about photos. Because this page…this site would be bursting with beautiful, incredible, tear-jerking prose.  Because that’s how photography makes me feel.

This beautiful sample album arrived on my doorstep a few weeks ago…oh how I love a photo album.   Every time I order one it’s like Christmas when I rip that box open. I know what is inside is so much more than just paper. It is memories and heirlooms and everything that I can’t quite express in words.