Go Big or Go Home…yup…might as well call that my new business model.  Not really. But I’m already so in love with this new business I’m building, I just can’t contain my excitement. I love what it means for me…being creative.  I love what it means I’m going to be able to do…capture beautiful moments in people’s lives.  Pressing the pause button and creating beautiful images that tell their life story.  Oh how I love that more than everything else. Even more than cupcakes…and that’s a whole lot.   

My mind keeps spinning with all the possibilities. So. many. possibilities!

So buckle your seat belts friends. The new site, the new name, the new business will all be launching in the beginning of June.  And it feels like the wait may kill me.  So I thought I’d share it with you so that you can wait right along with me.  There are going to be so many fun things on the other side of that opening date.  I’m planning really fun sessions, styled shoots, totally connected & in-love families, beautiful weddings, sweet babies, sassy ladies and lots of other memories in the making.

Shoot me a message if your interested in getting on my calendar for a fun fresh shoot of your own or if you have questions.  Although the new details won’t be revealed juuuust yet. I am booking all types of sessions including weddings & I’d be happy to sneak you the details before the big public reveal.  Things are already starting to fill up pretty quickly (especially my weekends!) So go ahead and grab your spot now & stay tuned for more details (including some information on special “launch party” mini-sessions) as the launch date gets closer!