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This is a story of the Happiest Baby that Ever Was…seriously! I met up with Mel and her sweet boys 2 weeks ago for Cooper’s 6 month photos. Cooper was a GREAT baby! Seriously…one of those dream model babies. He was all smiles and giggles!  And he has incredible blue eyes.  Heart-throb in the making that is for SURE!  It really made my job a piece of cake 🙂  That and it was a beautiful 75 degrees outside that day!  Mel – Thanks for sharing the afternoon with me. Your boys are perfect & so very sweet! I had a blast!

We really tried to get a picture of Cooper and his big brother Landon…but Landon wasn’t really having it.  I think this sweet moment between brothers is precious though

I like catching the “everyday moments”. They are real. Tangible. They make me feel something…posed photos don’t do that for me. This is my kind of “brother” photo!

I initially wrote this post a few days ago when it was gorgeous and 70!! But now it’s cold and windy as hell. But that hasn’t dulled my super happy, annoyingly positive outlook on life for the past couple days…so bring on the sunshine and unicorns and rainbows and all other happy things!

It was a good couple of days…I had some time off & I spent it well! Cue checking things off my to do list. And not the to do list that contains things like clean the bathroom, laundry, grocery shop, make dentist appointment. And let me tell you that to do list needs a little TLC. But not this week. This week was about fun things.

Trips to the post office to drop all of these beauties in the mail. And yet another reminder that our wedding is just over 2 months away! I can’t wait for that day 🙂 Also…cue the text messages, phone calls, emails and facebook messages from lots of our friends and family telling us how great our invites were. It makes my heart grow 2 sizes, puts a permanent smile on my face & makes me even more excited that our family & friends will all be gathering in one place very soon (insert my happy squeals here).

Shopping with a friend. Mostly for more shoes I don’t really need and a ridiculous amount of products from Sephora that I will never use to their fullest potential…but that I love.

An impromptu date night in the garage with the hubs-to-be. Totally his idea. We sat in lawn chairs just inside the garage door to protect us from the crazy wind and we just talked. He even went inside to grab me not 1 but 2 coats because I was cold. And we just talked…and talked…and talked.

Shopping & wedding dress fitting with my Mom! I love when she comes to visit! Plus one more thing checked off the wedding to do list.

It was a little sad to see the invites go with all my pretty vintage stamps attached. It was a whole lot of work…and probably not worth it to most people. But I loved them. It fits the theme of the wedding plus it was also fun to match the stamps to the recipients! Take care of my sweet little stamps…or at least love on them a little before you throw away the envelope.