Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Girl! I had so much fun at your birthday party last week but I missed seeing you on Sunday for your actual Birthday.  How can it be already a whole year since I wrote your 1st Birthday letter? This year went by so fast, but you’ve changed and grown so much.  You’ve learned so many new things…you count like a pro, and you recognize numbers on sight…at 2!! You’re such a smart girl.  You’ve learned all sorts of new tricks from that silly brother of yours.  You love to count to 3 and be lifted in the air.  You’ve learned to say cheese and scrunch up your nose into a smile for the camera…you’re also starting to learn to dance to music (a girl after my own heart!!) You love to color and draw too! You’re still fiercely independent and you’ve got quite a sweet tooth…you’ll do most anything for chocolate 🙂

I love you Sweet Girl.  I hope that over the next few years you keep learning and exploring the world around you.  Keep on dancing and laughing. Keep eating that chocolate too.  I hope you know how special you are and how much you are LOVED!! Can’t wait to see you soon and I hope you save some of those sweet moves for the wedding.

Love you Big Girl!

– Aunt Kate