I love doing new things…seeing new places…learning new things

This year I decided to set some goals to help keep me accountable.  I didn’t want to just say “I’ve always wanted to…” anymore.  I just wanted to actually do those things.  So I’ve put together a dream list.  25 things I’d like to do by my 25th birthday next June.  

            25 by 25

  1. Cook a brand new recipe once a month
  2. Visit Memphis
  3. Cook fish
  4. Take a trip to the beach
  5. Get comfortable cooking without a recipe
  6. Live more frugally (Hard to measure – I know)
  7. Create less food waste
  8. Take  photos every week
  9. Sew something I can am willing to actually wear in public
  10. Learn to sew from a pattern
  11. Go to a wine tasting
  12. Visit the Chicago art museum
  13. Go spelunking….not the real kind…the guided tour of a cave kind
  14. Buy an original piece of art
  15. Make homemade icecream
  16. Visit a winery
  17. Learn to how to decorate a cake
  18. Shoot a gun
  19. Make art that I’m willing to actually put on my walls
  20. Reupholster my grandma’s side chairs
  21. Redesign, relaunch & advertise my Etsy site
  22. Visit local art festival
  23. Wear lipstick
  24. Refinish my old furniture