Taking pictures & capturing special life memories has always been important to me.  I’ve been doing it  since I got my first camera in first grade!  Although much has changed since I was in first grade, for example, I’ve learned to actually get people in the photos & stop cutting off their heads, I’ve switched to digital, and I’ve learned how to actually control  my camera to get the exact images I want, the love of capturing moments still is the reason I pick up my camera day after day.

I want to capture your special moments too, the love, the personality, the happiness. I shoot all types of sessions including family, kiddos, babies, engagements, weddings, you-name-it.  I work primarily in the St. Louis/metro-east area but I luuuuuuuuuuurve to travel. So feel free to contact me about sessions no matter where you are located! For any further questions or to set up a photography session either leave a comment or contact me at katemuhlstadt@gmail.com